Since it’s creation more than 10 years ago, Bitcoin has steadily become more widely known and, since it’s boom in 2017, it has virtually become a household name, with many of us knowing at least someone who trades in cryptocurrencies. With speculations of another Bitcoin boom in the making, everyone is as curious as ever to learn more about it’s covert origins, and discover the identity of the individual(s) who are behind Bitcoin’s alleged pseudonym creator known as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ and it appears a new and fascinating lead has come to light in this ongoing mystery.

You may remember the era of cocaine drug dealing in the 80s and 90s that was led by the Columbian drug lord Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria who also earned the title, “The King of Cocaine”. He was the leader of a notorious group who called themselves the Medellîn Cartel. In the height of it’s operation the Cartel was responsible for supplying 300 kilograms of cocaine a day to the U.S. and the rest of the world. This made it the supplier of a vast 80% of the world’s cocaine, it monopolized the trade, and made Pablo Escobar the wealthiest criminal in history.

Now, many years later, the CEO of Escobar Inc., a multinational conglomerate with headquarters in Medellîn, has claimed he knows the identity of the Bitcoin creator. The CEO, Olof K. Gustaffson, during a recent phone call with Greg Thomson, a financial columnist and reporter who works for Cointelegraph (CT) claims that a man named Yasutaka Nakamoto is the mind behind ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’.

The connection between Nakamoto and Escobar goes back to the days of the Cartel when Nakamoto assisted with their drug smuggling operation. He was also an engineer who allegedly worked for Pacific West Airlines. Clearly a successful smuggler, there is very little known about Yasutaka Nakamoto and his life has been very private, with him disappearing from the public eye entirely up until 1992. The only information linked to Nakamoto is an editorial that appeared in the Los Angeles Times. It claimed that Nakamoto narrowly escaped a bomb threat by breaking through his car window. On later inspection, a bomb was found taped to the underside of his carseat.

There is no other evidence to support this claim made by Gustaffson and it is not yet understood why the descendants of Escobar, including Roberto Escobar, are interested in the crypto economy. Oddly enough, back in 2018 Roberto Escobar claimed to know who the creator of Bitcoin was, and he made a sugestion it was the CIA. There was no mention of a Yasutaka Nakamoto. Nakamoto apparently “disappeared” in 2010, but not before he could leave the world Bitcoin. During their conversation, Thomson asked Gustaffson what prompted him to come forward with this claim now and his response was simply, “Roberto believes it is important to set the record straight”.

It’s a compelling story but, without further evidence, no conclusion can be made, and so the mystery of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto will continue.

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